"Near Me All the While"

Hebrews 13:5
At early dawn a little child
Woke with a bitter cry;
Her mother started up in haste
To ask the reason why?
When suddenly the bitter cry
Was changed into a smile;
And this the little one's reply,
“Near me all the while.”

The child had missed the mother's arm
On waking from her sleep;
This was the cause of her alarm,
'Tis this that made her weep.
But on her mother's breast the cry
Was changed into a smile;
It was enough to know that she
Was near her all the while.

The mother, by the infant taught,
Suppressed a rising tear;
And thus, it is with me, she thought,
When I have doubt or fear.
And be it simple thus to turn
The tear into a smile,
With this assurance, blessed Lord,
Thou'rt "near me all the while.”

My heart has questioned of Thee, Lord,
In dark and dreary day;
Is thine ear heavy, Lord to hear?
Or, art Thou far away?
Thine arm was stretched,
Thine ear had heard,
Thy heart was free to smile;
And Thou hast stilled me with the word,
“I'm near Thee all the while.”

But not alone in bitterness
My heart would know Thy love;
The hand that dries the mourner's tears
Will tune the harp above.
If it be sweet while here below
To live beneath Thy smile,
'Twill be the joy of heaven to know,
Thou'rt "near me all the while.”