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", Now is our salvation nearer than when we believed." Romans. 13:11.
Tune, "I hear Thy welcome voice.”
Not nearer being saved;
For all who have believed
Are saved; th' Eternal word is pledged;
We cannot be deceived.
Not nearer having peace,
For peace we have with God;
Sweet peace and pardon through the price
Of sin-atoning blood.
Romans. 5:1.
Not nearer being meet
For our divine abode;
E'en now, " as He is, so are we,"
The righteousness of God.
Not nearer as to rank,
Our title is secure;
Now are we sons and heirs of God,
Our heritage is sure.
But we are nearer now
(Oh blissful, wondrous day I)
The full redemption promised long,
When death shall die away.
Ephesians. 1:14.
The body, though redeemed,
Must wait till Jesus come;
He'll call from earth, and from the grave,
His ransomed people home,
Romans. 8:23.
High time 'tis to awake,
With hope of bliss so dear;
High time, with earth's dark night spent,
And heaven's bright morn so near.
Romans. 13:1, 12.