No Use to Quarrel With the Truth

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WE are told that Queen Elizabeth broke the mirror, which showed her withered and wrinkled features, and many to-day wax angry with the Word of God when it declares the foul, wrinkled, and decrepit state of their souls.
It is not pleasant to discover that you are a sinner and unfit for God, but it is the height of folly to quarrel with the one who tells you this, for it remains true in spite of our anger.
You are unwell and the doctor is called in; after a careful examination he states that your case is most serious. Do you quarrel with him for this? Certainly not, for you know that the man, who understands the disease, is the man to prescribe the remedy, and, trusting him implicitly, you carry out his directions. I pray you be as wise in the matter of your soul.
J. T. M.