No Want to Them That Fear Him

LITTLE Arthur D. was one morning playing with the cat on his aunt's hearth, looking the very picture of health and happiness, and entirely free from care. His aunt, on the contrary, was rather troubled about some money which was owing her, and so as she came into the room, seeing him thus happily engaged, she said, “Ah, if everyone was as free from care as you, my child!" He looked up in her face, and said, in his own simple way," There is no want to them that fear Him.”
Instantly she felt rebuked that she should ever doubt her Father's love, and there was comfort, too, in the thought that "there is no want to them that fear Him.”
When speaking to me of it, she said, "I felt that the words came direct from the Lord Himself; they had such power.”
How simple trust in the Lord calms our fears Casting all our care on Him, for He careth for us, is the happy way to live.
A short time ago two little girls were left orphans, and they were not left to friends and relatives whom they knew, but to a kind lady, almost a stranger, who had promised to provide them a home. Do you think it troubled them as to where their dinner was coming from? Certainly not; neither did they try to provide it themselves. No; they knew their kind friend had promised to supply it, and they knew, too, she would be as good as her word. They trusted her most thoroughly. And is not this the way God would have us trust Him? Has He not promised to supply all our need, and is He not as good as His word? Can we for a moment think there can be want to them that fear Him? If we do, we most assuredly dishonor Him; for He who has promised is faithful, and what He has promised He is able to perform. Let us, then, just take Him at His word, and trust Him as fully as these children did their kind friend. N. N.