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In going over the details of the types and shadows the same truths are emphasized over and over again. So the reader must be prepared for a good deal of repetition in the following pages. This is unavoidable in dealing with such a subject. On the other hand, one cannot go into every small detail, but be content with a more or less general survey of this intensely interesting portion of God's Word. The writer has felt the repetition very precious to his own soul, and the continual affirmation of foundation truths as to our Lord's Deity, Manhood, earthly life, atoning death, and glorious resurrection, etc., very necessary and helpful.
An archbishop in an address to his clergy in Convocation said,
We often forget what all teachers should remember, the value of frequent repetition of what is of fundamental importance, and the danger of so taking for granted what is fundamental that in the result we never teach it at all." Wise and weighty words!