Notes of Meditations on the Gospel of Luke [Hardback]

Notes of Meditations on the Gospel of Luke by John Gifford Bellett
100 pages
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Price Each

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If you would like a book that brings your soul into the presence of the heavenly man Christ Jesus, you’ve found the right one. Consider this thought from the preface: “We have recently read these notes and have been richly rewarded in feeling the genial warmth and comfort of a heavenly atmosphere which is strongly contrasted with a chill air blowing across the world from man’s frigid intellectualism and materialism.”

You’ll find Notes on the Gospel of Luke to be brief and fresh but not comprehensive. I recently read large portions of it while studying the Gospel of Luke. It left a lot of questions unanswered and I found myself turning to The Man of Sorrows by J. N. Darby or An Exposition of the Gospel of Luke by W. Kelly. Instead Notes on the Gospel of Luke left me refreshed, encouraged and eager to read more of Christ in the Word. What better effect could a book have?

Here are some examples of what I mean. After mentioning a false doctrine about committing the soul to the church, he says, “Will I? By God’s help—never. May God acquaint our consciences with Jesus for sufficiency and our hearts with Him for satisfaction.” On page 19, Bellett paints the scene at Levi’s table this way: “The poor prodigal spread a feast for Him, and the Lord found delight at the table.” Or consider this: “Bartimeus was exercising faith; Zaccheus was getting life. It is a very simple story. He had a desire to see Christ. Who gave the desire? The life-giving Spirit of Christ. How beautiful to see eternal life beginning in such a seed!”