Notes on Isaiah. Chapter 62

Isaiah 62  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 11
In this chapter we have Christ's intercession, His putting the spirit of intercession in the watchmen on her walls (The Lord grant it to the Church—His Church!) and the effect is defined, for He will not cease till all is accomplished, and He sets the watchmen in the same position.
8. The oath of the Lord, now revealed, secures the blessing forever, and this in face of the world.
Note here, there is a Remnant, having the Spirit of Christ viewed as a Jew, who are the Lord's remembrancers till He bless Zion fully.
This chapter calls out the special supplication of the Spirit, as in the prophet, for the Remnant, calling also upon those in whom the Spirit was to exercise this function, on the declaration of the Lord's promise associating it with the coming of Him who should come. In the list of mercied they are brought together—the Remnant, people, city, and Messiah the Lord.