Notes on Isaiah. Chapters 31 and 32

Isaiah 31‑32  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
We have here a special introduction of the circumstances of the change of dispensation—the first chapter which, by the grace of my God, opened my ignorant eyes to this serious and all-important subject—things important to us. The Lord is wise, though He is not looked to. The Lord shall fight for Zion, and the Assyrian shall fall, but not by "a mighty man." Then the King, reigning in righteousness, is introduced—His righteous character—and the manifestation of villainy as vile. The city forsaken, Jerusalem trodden down, till the Spirit be poured out on the Jews. Note the synchronism, and a total change of dispensation—all before should be but as an uncultivated fruit, and so it is. Still, blessing should be universal on Jew and Gentile; the city only should be brought low, and the Gentile fruit judged.