Now Is the Day of Salvation

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Have you yet received the knowledge of salvation by the remission of your sins? This is a deeply personal, and an all important question. But if not, what then? Be still careless? God forbid!
Come to Jesus now! You may never have another opportunity. Time is short. Life is uncertain. Eternity is at hand. The Judge is at the door.
Think of your soul, how great its value! How awful its danger!
Think of your sins, how numerous! How great! How aggravated! But all may yet be forgiven. God is love. Christ has died. Christ has risen. His blood cleanseth from all sin.
There is no limit to the power of the blood of Christ.
The Spirit of God is working mightily. God's people are praying for you, and God answers prayer. Thousands of souls are being saved, still there is room. Come, then, to Jesus. Come at once. Come just as you are. Come just now. Everlasting perdition may be the awful alternative of delay. Come in the firm faith of His own word,