O Blessed Saviour

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
O blessed Saviour, Lord and King,
With joy we worship Thee;
Our prayers and praise to Thee we bring
In peace and liberty.
Thy love doth set our spirits free,
Our hearts do upward soar;
Hearts occupied with none but Thee,
Thee worship and adore.
A worthy object, Thou, O Lord,
Dost all our praise receive;
Worthy art Thou to be adored
More than our hearts conceive.
Thou didst humanity adorn,
To make the Father known;
Never was holy manhood worn –
’Twas seen in Thee alone.
The Word made flesh, where God and man
Unite in sovereign grace;
For man the tale of grace began,
The lost of Adam’s race.
O blessed Saviour, we on Thee
With deep affection gaze;
In Thee we every beauty see
And sing Thy worthy praise.
E. Tonn (1986; C.M.)