O Taste and See!

IN the sick ward I noticed a colored woman in the bed next to M. R. Such a contrast! M. R. so white; the other so black, and with very large eyes! After speaking to M. R., I turned round, and asked the colored woman how she was. She said, "Much better, thank you." Then I asked the young person with me to read a little of the Bible to her, which she did. While she was reading, the colored woman nodded her head to show that she understood, and, putting her hand upon her heart, exclaimed, "It (meaning the word of God) is so comfor'ble.”
I said, "You have heard this before?" She answered, "Yes," and told me that from a tiny child she had been brought up in the missionary school at Madras. "And," she continued, "I do know Jesus I do know Him; I have tasted Him," putting her hand again on her heart—"I have tasted Him, and so sweet, so precious!”
I wish all our readers could have seen her beaming face and touching manner, and could have heard the tone in which she spoke!
Her breathing was short, and she was weak, but she delighted to tell out of the fullness of her heart that "the Lord Jesus has done all"; that "we have only to b'lieve, and look to Him." "He is my ' all,'" she told me, and added that she was looking forward every day to "that happy land where Jesus is, where there will be no more sorrow, nor sickness, norpain." She spoke so sweetly of "that happy land.”
We could not stay long, and wishing her good-bye, she thanked us so much, though we had not given her anything. She said she could not read English, only her own tongue, but added, "Thank you so much: it is so kind, so kind!" But she did not know what pleasure she gave—what a joy it was to see and hear her! L. LE M.