O Taste and See

“Unto you therefore which believe He is precious.” 1 Peter 2:7
I once heard a Christian woman tell a friend that she prays every day that the Lord would make Himself precious to each of her children. There are many ways the Lord can make Himself real and precious to our children. Perhaps one of them is struggling to solve a difficult math test problem at school. He prays, asking the Lord Jesus to help him with this hard problem, and He does. Through this experience Jesus becomes more precious to him. Our child has learned that the Lord is indeed a Friend who loves him and has power to help him.
Perhaps our child is hurting, and he prays and feels God’s comfort. God is good all the time, and in addition to valuing Him ourselves (and letting our children see that), we can pray our children will learn to see and appreciate His goodness. My father used to ask the Lord daily to become increasingly more real and precious to each of us. Those prayers are still being answered, although my father has been home with the Lord for many years.