Oneness and Union

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When Christ comes, human nature in us will participate in the victory of the Second Man, the last Adam, as it now shares in the weakness and ruin of the first man. Then will be the time when human nature will be promoted to a good degree, that is to say, it will be raised out of all the consequences of the fall of the first man and will be placed in all the power and glory of the Second Man as He is now in the presence of God.
Never shall we be made God; this could not be and ought not to be. It is impossible that the creature can overpass the bounds that separate the Creator from it. And more than that, the renewed creature is the very one which would most abhor the thought. No matter what the church’s blessedness and glory may be, it never forgets its creature obligations to God and the reverence due to Him. For this very reason, he that knows God would never desire that He should be less God than He is, and he could not indulge or tolerate the self-exalting folly which the miserable illusion of Buddhism cherishes, along with many kinds of philosophy which are afloat now in the West as well as the East — the dream of a final absorption into deity. This is altogether false and irreverent. All approach to such thoughts we see excluded in the Word of God.
In heaven the lowliness of those whom the sovereign grace of God made partakers of the divine nature will be even more perfect than now while we are on the earth. Human nature under sin is as selfish as it is proud. Fallen humanity always seeks its own things and glory, but the new nature, the perfection of which is seen in Christ (that is to say, the life given to the believer), will only make perfect without a single flaw or hindrance that which we now are in Christ Jesus our Lord.
W. Kelly