Our Bible Class. The Story of Abraham, the Friend of God - 5

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 11
(Gen. 25)
THE opening verses of our chapter tell us of Abraham’s second marriage, and give the names of his sons and grandsons, though we are not allowed to forget (verse 5) that Isaac, the child of promise, still holds his place as Abraham’s heir. Genesis is, we have often been reminded, “the seed plot of the whole Bible,” and we know from many passages in the Prophets, that after the Church, the Bride of Christ, has been taken from the earth, God will again take up the Jews and bring them into blessing.
A little later on we come to the history of a man who has a great many relations living at the present time: people who only care for what their eyes can see, or their hands handle: for whom “unseen things” have no value, no attraction— Esau, who despised his birthright.
Few, if any, start, I think, really intending to take the wrong road, but in one of the letters of Paul we are shown the steps which lead to it. To neglect Salvation, too, often paves the way for the gift of God being refused. Those who refuse, may, and unless arrested by the grace and mercy of God, will take another step, and become despisers. “Delays are dangerous.” Accept the gift, and then, but not till then, Love to the Giver will fill even to overflowing the heart in which Christ reigns, and the daily life will bring forth “fruit unto God.”