Our Knowledge Teaching Us Our Ignorance

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
As we dig into the sacred teachings of God's word we feel increasingly how little we really understand of the Bible. Bat one cheering consideration should not be neglected by us—the truths themselves are not affected by our imperfect knowledge of them. All the spiritual blessings wherewith God our Father has blessed us in Christ are ours, though we may not have an idea of a ten thousandth part of what the "all" signifies. The little babe receives the benefit of the sunshine equally with the astronomer; the former has no notion of what the sun is—the latter can tell us a great deal respecting its greatness, its glory, and its nature. Yet all that the learned man knows, he will tell us, has taught him what a very little he understands concerning the wonderful sun. The great thing for us in reading the Bible is to get into the sunshine of its blessings. Let us enjoy the blessed sunlight of the divine word. We may then be well able to afford learned persons the satisfaction of analyzing the sunbeams! The simpler our souls, the sweeter our affections, the better. God's "all" and our "all" are of necessity so different. God is God; who can measure Him? or who can rightly comprehend the lengths, breadths, depths, and heights of His "all"?