Our Position With Christ

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Whatever links our position with Christ, as an example and pattern, is in truth a blessing to us, for was there ever one that went through all with such unfailing, lowly faithfulness to God as He did? Note the contrast of His lowly path with that of Elijah’s, and what do we see? Elijah was going on ministering with great outward power, bringing down fire from heaven to destroy the prophets of Baal, and thinking himself to be the only one that was left that was true to God, whereas God had seven thousand that had not bowed the knee to Baal, whom Elijah had not found out. Christ was content to be nothing in a world where man was everything and God was shut out.  .  .  .  In virtue of His very humiliation, He puts those who now have but this “little strength” into the very same place which He Himself took, and then, as the porter did for Him, He opens the door for them, which none can shut.
J. N. Darby (Collected Writings, Vol. 5, p. 348)