Part Fifth. - the Kingdom and People of Judah

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Lesson 38. The Early Kings of Judah.
(Tell Stories 1, 2 and 3 in Part Fifth.)
1. Where was the kingdom of Judah? West of the Dead Sea.
2. What was its chief city? Jerusalem.
3. How many kings reigned over the kingdom of Judah? Nineteen kings and one queen.
4. To what family did all these kings belong? To the family of David.
5. Who was the first king of Judah? Rehoboam.
6. Who was the greatest and strongest of the kings of Judah? Jehoshaphat.
7. What wicked woman made herself queen and ruled the land? Athaliah.
8. What little boy was crowned king after Athaliah? Joash.
9. What king became a leper? Uzziah.
10. What great prophet lived in Judah at that time and saw the Lord in the temple? Isaiah.