Paul's Apostleship and Epistles [Paperback]

Paul's Apostleship and Epistles by John Gifford Bellett
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112 pages
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With just over 100 pages, you shouldn’t expect extensive reviews of doctrines or epistles. Instead, Mr. Bellett provides the reader with concise summaries of each of Paul’s epistles and quick overviews of several of the distinctive truths revealed to Paul by God. Given the breadth of the teaching in Ephesians, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it is covered in more depth than the other epistles.

Subjects such as Law and Grace, Gifts to the Church, the Rapture and the Holy Spirit’s Presence are introduced briefly. These provide a nice introduction or review much like a Bible dictionary might provide.

You may disagree, but personally I find Mr. Bellett’s style to be irresistibly warm and morally healthy. He doesn’t provide tightly detailed expositions as William Kelly does or extremely deep and often complicated thoughts as John Nelson Darby. Instead, he writes with a breadth of knowledge of Scripture and a meditative gaze on the person of Christ in scripture. For example, “How rich was the grace displayed by the Lord in choosing Saul to be the vessel of this heavenly treasure! At this very time he was in full enmity against God and His Anointed. At his feet the witnesses whose hands had been first upon Stephen laid down their clothes. But this is the man that is to be made God’s chosen vessel; and such is the way of the Lord in abounding mercy.”