Perhaps. . . He Will Receive Me

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The son of an African chief lay dying in his hut. Often had he listened as the missionaries had told the story of the love of God. As yet it seemed to have found no entrance, and now as he was about to pass into eternity he had no hope. He said he knew he was about to die, and that he was not ready to meet God.
Once more the message was given. Once more the finished work of the Son of God, and the cleansing power of His precious blood was presented. Once more the Savior's readiness to pardon was told, and then, as the light shone in, he said,
"I am so ill now, that have no strength to receive Jesus, but perhaps, if I allow Him, He will receive me."
Thank God, Christ receives all who come to Him. And even a look to Him is salvation. Still His message is,
"Look unto Me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth."
There is no "perhaps" about it. It is a divine certainty. The next day he said,
"I am going home to God."
May we not hope that Christ received him even at the last. He lived amidst the appalling corruption of heathenism, and his mind had long been darkened by sin and fetishism. His responsibility was far less than yours or mine. We have had training and opportunities which he never knew.
How have we answered to them? Have we taken all as a matter of course, and never really received Jesus Christ the Lord?
The Lord Jesus warned those who had had privileges less than we have, that "many would come from the east and from the west" and sit down at the feast of blessing, and that they, who thought themselves sure of being included, would be cast out.
O! think of it seriously now.
What will it be for you to be "cast out?"
"Cast out" from peace and joy everlasting.
"Cast out" from the light and love and glory of heaven.
"Cast out" with nothing but eternal night before you.
Come to the Savior now. He will welcome' you and will not cast you out.
"If I ask Him to receive me,
Will He say me nay?
Not till earth and not till heaven
Pass away."
Do you say, "But I am such a sinner?" Then you may claim Christ for yourself. It is written and written for you,
"This man receiveth sinners."
He is the Sinner's Savior. It was for sinners He suffered at Calvary. Did He not save Saul of Tarsus, "the chief" of sinners? Then He can and will save you, if you come to Him.
Therefore He came to save you.