Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(sun-king). General name of Egyptian kings. Only a few are definitely named in the Bible. Different ones alluded to are (Gen. 12:15; 41; Ex. 1:8; 5:1; 1 Chron. 4:18; 1 Kings 11:18-22; 9:16; 2 Kings 18:21); Pharaoh-nechoh (2 Kings 23:29); Pharaoh-hophra (Jer. 37:5-8).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

This was the regal title of the kings of Egypt, so the mere appellation “Pharaoh” in no way intimates which king is alluded to. Some kings of Egypt are mentioned in scripture without this title, as Shishak, Necho, Hophra, So, and Tirhakah, the last two of whom were Ethiopians. Those specially referred to in the O.T. are:
1. The Pharaoh who took Abram’s wife, Sarai, into his house (about B.C. 1919) (Gen. 12:14-20).
2. The Pharaoh who promoted Joseph (about B.C. 1715), and received into Egypt Jacob and his sons and their families (Gen. 40-50; Acts 7:10, 13).
3. The Pharaoh who knew not Joseph (about B.C. 1635), he oppressed the Israelites, and ordered the male children to be killed, under whom Moses was born; and whose daughter adopted him as her son (Ex. 1:4).
4. The Pharaoh from whom Moses fled when he was grown up (about B.C. 1531) (Ex. 2).
5. The Pharaoh of the Exodus (about B.C. 1491). See EGYPT and PLAGUES.
After a period of about 500 years scripture refers to
6. The Pharaoh whose daughter Bithiah was married to Mered, of the tribe of Judah (1 Chron. 4:18).
7. The Pharaoh whose daughter was married to Solomon (about B.C. 1014) (1 Kings 3:1; 7:8). This Pharaoh captured and burnt the city of Gezer in Canaan, and gave the site to his daughter (1 Kings 9:16).
8. The Pharaoh who received Hadad when he fled from Solomon, and gave him his sister-in-law to wife (about A.D. 984) (1 Kings 11:14-22).
The title “Pharaoh” is judged by Professor Sayce to signify “Great House” [in which all men live], or somewhat similar to the “Sublime Porte,” or Gate. Each king had a title of honor as well as his personal name: the titles were such as “The Sun, Lord of Glory”; “The Sun, Lord of Truth,” and so forth. Pharaoh Necho’s name is found on the monuments as here given.

Jackson’s Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names:

his nakedness

From Manners and Customs of the Bible:

Genesis 12:15. The princes also of Pharaoh saw her.
Pharaoh is the common title of the native Egyptian kings mentioned in Scripture. The word itself does not mean king, as was formerly supposed; recent investigations have satisfied Egyptologists that it means the sun. This title was given to the king because he was considered the representative on earth of the God RA, or the sun. It is difficult to tell what particular Pharaoh or king is referred to here.

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