Philemon 1

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Onesimus worked for his Christian master Philemon. He was not an employee; he was a slave. Philemon owned him, and Onesimus had no rights of his own. He could not ask questions. Onesimus had to do whatever Philemon told him to do. Paul calls Philemon a fellow-laborer because he was a Christian who loved and served the Lord faithfully. The assembly meetings were in the house of Philemon.
One day Onesimus decided to run away from his master and probably stole a few things to take with him. He went to the big city of Rome. Somehow he met a prisoner named Paul. Paul must have told Onesimus he was a sinner who needed to repent from his sin and believe on the Lord Jesus to be saved. Onesimus listened to Paul and asked the Lord Jesus to save him. Paul wanted to keep Onesimus to help preach the gospel, but he belonged to Philemon, so Paul sent the slave Onesimus back to his master with this letter. He asked Philemon to forgive Onesimus, and Paul offered to pay Philemon for anything Onesimus stole from him. Onesimus was now in the family of God, and he was a brother beloved to Paul and to Philemon.
What about you? Will you become a servant of the Lord Jesus? An unbeliever is a slave to sin. Jesus paid the price to buy you with His precious blood. A believer saved by grace has all the rights of a son of God. Believe on the Lord Jesus and enjoy your freedom from the slavery of sin. As believers, we are slaves for Jesus. We belong to Him and can have joy serving our Savior.
1. Who was a fellow-laborer along with Paul and Timothy? __________   Philemon 1:___
2. What did Philemon demonstrate first towards the Lord Jesus and also towards all the saints? __________   Philemon 1:___
3. What was the name of the slave who Paul called “my son”? __________   Philemon 1:___
4. Paul told Philemon that he could now receive Onesimus back, not as a servant, but as __________.   Philemon 1:___
5. Paul had confidence in Philemon’s __________.   Philemon 1:___