Philippians 1: November 1997

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
The beautiful little epistle of Paul to the Philippian believers gives, perhaps more than any other epistle, the principles of “normal Christianity” — what our day-to-day living should be in this world. The Philippian believers keenly felt the persecution and conflict associated with the gospel of Jesus Christ which Paul preached. But he encourages them not to be “terrified” by the afflictions, for it was, in a real way, an honor from the Lord for their faith in Him to be thus tested by suffering and persecution.
1. The principle of “fellowship” is something of which Paul has much to say in Philippians. What is the foundation of the fellowship of believers?
1 Corinthians 1:___
2. What had happened to Paul as a result of his preaching the gospel?
Philippians 1:___
3. Not only was Paul in bonds for preaching the gospel, but those who had personal grudges against him preached the gospel in order to make his suffering worse! What is the result of suffering with Christ? Romans 8:___
4. How was his dying considered “gain” by the Apostle Paul when he had already said that for him “to live was Christ”? Philippians 1:___
5. Not only were the Philippians encouraged by the Apostle to continue in their fellowship with him in the gospel, but they were to do what else in view of the gospel? Philippians 1:___