Philippians 1

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God began the good work of grace and salvation in our hearts. We could do nothing to save ourselves. Paul knew that God would continue the good work and keep the believers safe in Christ until the day Jesus would come to take them to be with Him in heaven. We will never lose our salvation.
The Philippians were rejoicing in their faith in Jesus Christ and they were supporting the Apostle Paul in the gospel. It was Paul’s prayer that the Philippians would grow in love and knowledge. He wanted them to make good decisions so their lives would give glory to the Lord Jesus.
Paul was in prison, so he was happy that others were preaching the gospel outside of the prison. Paul was going to be killed because of his faith in Christ. He was looking forward to the time of his death when he would go into the presence of the Lord. He was preparing the Philippians to be strong in faith because they would continue to suffer for Jesus Christ after Paul was in heaven.
1. What did Paul say he did every time he remembered the Christians of Philippi? __________   Philippians 1:___
2. What does Paul pray will abound more and more in knowledge and judgment? __________   Philippians 1:___
3. Many of the brethren, when they heard of Paul’s imprisonment, were much more __________ to speak the Word of God without __________.   Philippians 1:___
4. While Paul was alive, he enjoyed Christ, but if he were to __________, he would have even more of Christ.   Philippians 1:___
5. How does Paul describe departing to be with Christ compared to continuing to live in the flesh (his body)? __________   Philippians 1:___