Philippians 2: December 1997

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
In this chapter the blessed Lord Jesus Christ Himself is set as the supreme example of submission, humility and obedience in His perfect, spotless life. This is the pattern, the “mind,” that ought to be found in each believer passing through this world.
1. The Philippians had fellowship with Paul in the gospel (ch. 1:5). If they were to enjoy fellowship and love with one another, with whom must they first have fellowship? Philippians 2:___
2. The grand pattern for Christian love and service is seen in perfection in the Lord Jesus Christ. Never again to be humbled thus, He is now exalted with a name above every name. What is the promise made to believers who humble themselves? 1 Peter 5:___
3. In view of the glorious work of the Lord Jesus, “every knee should bow” to Him. In this life many refuse to do this. However, what does God have to say about this? Romans 14:___
4. What two things ought to characterize the lives of those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who “shine as lights” in this world? Philippians 2:___
5. What caused the nearly fatal illness of dear Epaphroditus?
Philippians 2:___