Philippians 2

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Some of the Christians in this assembly were having disagreements. We should get along with one another. Paul tells them to follow the example of Jesus and practice love, unity and humility.
Jesus is God, who had come into the world to be a man. He was a servant among men. The Lord Jesus humbled Himself and became obedient unto death. He died on the cross because of our sins. God was satisfied that Jesus took the punishment of sin for us. Jesus finished the work of salvation. God raised Jesus from the dead and gave Jesus the highest honor in heaven. Everyone should bow the knee and give glory and honor to Jesus.
Today the world is like it was when these verses were written. The world is full of sin. We are lights in the world to shine for Jesus. Share the word of life with your friends so they might be saved.
Timothy and Epaphroditus were examples of Jesus’ love and humility. Timothy cared for the believers and he wanted to teach them about living for Jesus. The Philippians sent Epaphroditus to help Paul in his work for the Lord. While doing this work, Epaphroditus got sick and almost died. Now Paul is sending him back to encourage the Philippians.
1. Why did Jesus not think it was robbery for Him to be equal with God? He was already and always __________.   Philippians 2:___
2. What type of death was Jesus obedient to? __________   Philippians 2:___
3. What should you do with your knees? __________   Philippians 2:___
4. What should you confess? __________   Philippians 2:___
5. Selfish people seek their own things to please themselves. We should want to seek the things which are __________.   Philippians 2:___