Philippians 3

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Be happy because the Lord Jesus saved you. Do not be happy in your own ability or success in life.
Paul says, “Beware.” The dogs and evil workers were false teachers. They were saying the Philippians should trust in good works, success and position in the world to be accepted by God. Paul had the good works, the success and the position in life, but he decided to forget these things so he could learn to know Christ better and to be like Him. He tells us to follow the same example.
The Christian life is like running a race. In a race, we focus on the finish line. In the Christian life, our finish line is the coming of Jesus Christ. He will come to take believers to heaven and He will give us each a prize.
If both you and your friend obey the Word of God, you will be good Christian friends.
Do not be selfish like an enemy of the cross of Christ. We are citizens of heaven, so we should act like a Christian. We wait for the Lord Jesus to come and take us to be with Him in heaven. Jesus will change our bodies so we can live together with Him.
1. What did the Apostle Paul count those things he had gained in the world as to their worth? __________   Philippians 3:___
2. Whose righteousness did Paul want to have? __________   Philippians 3:___
3. What prize did Paul want? __________   Philippians 3:___
4. What was Paul doing when he warned them about the enemies of the cross of Christ? __________   Philippians 3:___
5. When the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, comes for us from heaven, He is going to change our bodies to be fashioned like __________.   Philippians 3:___