Pilgrims in a Land of Affluence

This passage in the Minor Prophets recently caught my attention. I thought to myself, “This sounds like life now in North America!” Notice the “woe.” The life of ease described in these verses is not God’s design for living. The lazy people whom He condemns ate lambs and calves instead of waiting patiently for them to develop into productive sheep and oxen and then using them for food. There was no concept of delayed gratification for them. They were more concerned with listening to beautiful music, enjoying fine dining, and splurging at a beauty spa than in truly caring for the needs of those around them. God did not admire their fancy housing that they enjoyed at the expense of others.
We may be surrounded by affluence, but let’s remember that we are pilgrims and strangers about to be called to our heavenly home. Let’s encourage ourselves and our families that the Lord wants our hearts, time, and money to be occupied with a heavenly investment which will reap great dividends for all eternity.