Plow Deep

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
As we were reading of the wonders performed by the deep steam plow upon an unpromising and hitherto profitless stiff clay farm, we thought of the gospel preaching of the day. Soil which was little else than worthless for corn growing, has, through the deep plowing of the last seven years, yielded an abundant crop!
How preachers of the gospel should pray for power to plow deep! Without the deep work, the soil of the heart of this generation is more tough and less profitable than the stiff clay of the farm.
O! for such a mighty breaking up by the power of God’s Spirit that a fruitful yield for the garners of heaven may be gathered in to Christ’s eternal glory.
The conscience needs to be plowed deep, the heart to be broken under the sense of sin, and of having rejected Christ. Repentance as well as faith is necessary.
Evangelist, pray for power to plow deep.