Possessions - a Few of Yours

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One moment, FRIEND!
You have a soul. What is it worth to you? Is its eternal destiny worth a serious thought?
You have a history. Has it given you solid satisfaction? What is it in the eye of God? May you not, even now, be near its end?
You have a conscience. Is it at rest when judgment comes in view?
You have a hope of heaven. Dare you look at it closely? Did you ever examine it in the light of the Lord's coming?
You have soul-anxiety, perhaps. Is there not some serious reason why you are still without peace and joy? Since Christ arose from death the believer stands clear of judgment. Do you believe in a risen Christ?
Take friendly advice: "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found." Isa. 55:6. Some seek too late. Let it not be your case.