Prayer Heard

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THE following incident, relating to answer to prayer, will surely encourage us:—
A Christian woman, who in her girlhood often poured out her heart in prayer, and who, as a mother, had a large family of children entrusted to her charge, was so led by God to plead for each and all of them, that of each it might be truly said that he or she was "a child of many prayers.”
In the evening of this Christian mother's life, on one particular night, something held her eyes waking—what she could not tell. Suddenly her thoughts fix upon a son living in London. A feeling of intense yearning over him seizes her. Her prayers are now only brief words of agonizing entreaty: "Oh, my Father, watch over him—shield him—protect him; he is in danger; I know not what his peril may be, but Thou seest and knowest, whatever it may be; Thou alone canst help—oh, save him, save him!”
On that very night, and, as nearly as can be proved, at that very hour, this son was returning, rather later than usual, from a friend's house to his lodgings, and, anxious to save time by shortening distances, passed through a street unfamiliar to him, but apparently quiet and reputable. Three men were talking together on the pavement; he passed into the road, when suddenly he was felled to the ground. His cries for help only caused a second blow to be given, which just left him sufficient consciousness to know that further resistance would probably cost him his life. Now, while he was being robbed, his life was spared. Was it not that at that moment his mother's prayers were answered? E. G.