Preface: Isaiah

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Much of the written ministry of Frank Binford Hole (1874-1964) is contained in two periodicals: “Edification” and “Scripture Truth”. Between 1956 and 1958 he contributed a series of Bible studies on the book of Isaiah to “Scripture Truth”, in which he expounded the prophecy from a dispensational perspective. The richness of references to, and variety of figures used to represent, the great Subject of all Scripture, Christ, is noted from the start. Past and future prophetic applications to Israel are set alongside words of encouragement and challenge for Christians today. References made to the state of Israel at the time of writing have not been updated the recent history of Israel over the last 50 years only serves to confirm the author’s comments.
The publishers of “Scripture Truth” are pleased to bring together these articles in book form for the first time. To assist the twenty-first century reader, minor changes in presentation have been made. The use of quotation (speech) marks has been updated. Scriptural references have been expanded to provide the full title of the book and the format has been standardized to facilitate ease of lookup. All references have been checked, and amended as necessary.
As you trace God’s righteousness and grace through Isaiah’s prophecy, may a growing appreciation of all God has prepared for Israel on earth and for the Church in heaven, draw out your worship to the One by Whom all this will be achieved.
John Rice
July 2013
Chapters 1:1-4:6
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