Promises and Facts

"Well, Mrs. Johnson, are matters settled with you as to the eternal future?”
"I'm trusting in the promises, sir.”
"Trusting in the promises! I'm trusting in something better than that.”
"Something better! I don't know anything better. What do you mean?”
"I'm trusting in accomplished facts. I'm trusting solely in the finished work of Christ. That is a fact. Trusting in the promises as to the soul's redemption is Old Testament ground. God has fulfilled His promises of old. In due time He sent His Son, who died, having borne the whole judgment of sin and glorified God. He is now the risen and ascended Savior in glory. These are all facts, and I am resting on them. The Word of God is clear. It is no longer a question of promises as to what Christ is going to do, for having obtained eternal redemption He is now in glory. This is a fact. And whoever believes on Him who wrought that mighty work on Calvary is pardoned, saved."
"I never heard it put that way before.”
"Possibly not, but that is the truth.”
Such has been the substance of many a conversation in villages all over the country; and there are many far and wide whose hope is similar.
Now, in the ordinary dealings among men facts are certainly regarded as better than promises.
Let us illustrate it: Suppose you were in debt and a friend promised to pay the account. You would thenceforth live in the hope of its being paid. The measure of your assurance about it would be according to the measure of your confidence in your friend. But if your friend had paid the amount, what then? Why, the moment you heard that, and believed it, you would be at perfect peace about it. The settlement made for you is a fact. It cannot be gainsaid. You can say unhesitatingly, "I know my debt is paid.”
It is an old saying that facts are stubborn things. It is a fact that God sent His Son, that He died, that He glorified Him as to sin, that He is risen and seated at the right hand of God, a present and eternal Savior for any and every poor sinner that believeth. And another blessed fact for all such is, that through His finished work every believer is eternally saved.
Now, what say you before we close? Will you trust in the great fact of Christ's death and blood shedding on Calvary for sinners? Or will you go on in unbelief, ever running the terrible risk of banishment from the light of God's glorious presence into the blackness of darkness forever? 'Which is it to be? DECIDE.
The Lord Jesus said: "It is finished.”
"God commendeth Ills love
toward us, in that while we
were yet sinners, Christ
died for us.”