Proverbs 1 (Continued) - February 5, 1995

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The first chapter (as with many other chapters in Proverbs) is addressed to “my son.” If you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, then you can call God your Father, and it is as though He is writing this book directly to you. A “son” in the Bible often is a symbol of a very close and loving relationship that exists between God and His children. A “son” has a special place in the heart of God and has special responsibilities in living to please God the Father. Because of this, boys and girls should read this as though it were addressed to themselves personally.
The first thing that God our Father wants us to do is to hear - to listen carefully to the advice and wisdom He wants to give us. The very starting point of this advice is to “fear God.” (That doesn’t mean to be afraid of God - but to be very respectful and reverent of Him and to be very concerned about what He thinks about you.)
The next advice God gives is that those who belong to Him should refuse to go along with the plans and activities of sinners. The wicked person will try to make his naughty ways seem very attractive, but those who love God must not be fooled by his deception and lies.
Before going further in our journey, find the following verses.
1. In answer to a request from Thomas to see the ____________ , the Lord Jesus said that as the disciples looked at Himself they saw the ____________ (same word in both blanks). John 14:___
2. Jesus said that those who would enter into the kingdom of heaven must become as little ____________ who believe in simple faith what they are told. Matthew 18:___
3. The Lord Jesus referred to those who believe in Him as His sheep who ____________ His voice. The true sheep of the Lord Jesus not only ____________ (same word in both blanks) Him, but they also follow Him.
John 10:___
4. Those who hated the Lord Jesus and wanted to find fault with Him were unhappy because they said He was found in the company of ____________ . Luke 15:___
5. The world will be able to tell that we belong to the Lord Jesus if we ____________ other believers. John 13:___