Proverbs - May 7, 1995

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The early chapters of Proverbs each begin with the father giving a special message to his son. There are also repeated instructions to the son to take care that he “receive” and listen carefully to what his father is telling him.
The father wants his son to “receive” his words and “hide” his commandments. He is also concerned that his son does not “forget” what he has said but that the words remain in the son’s heart. He further directs his son to take care that the words not depart from his son’s eyes. Later the son is told to “bow” his ear to hear the wisdom of the father and to see that he “forsake” not the law of his mother.
All of these appeals are given to one who is loved and for the purpose that he may enjoy a happy and fruitful life free of the sorrows which those who are fools and refuse instruction find. Violence, sorrow, contention, wrath and even death are all shown to be the result of refusing the words of wisdom found in the book of Proverbs.
Before going further, we will rest a bit in our journey while you find the following verses.
1. We receive good and perfect gifts from above from the ____________ who never changes in His love and ways. James 1:___
2. Those who are saved have believed in their ____________ that the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, rose from the dead after He was crucified.
Romans 10:___
3. Paul tells Timothy that the time is coming when those people who have heard the truth will turn away the ____________ to hear lies and falsehood concerning the truth of God. 2 Timothy 4:___
4. Christians have a hope in this ____________ for the wonderful joy and rest that is coming. If believers did not have this hope, we would be the most miserable of all living in the world. 1 Corinthians 15:___
5. Every treasure and precious thing concerning ____________ and knowledge are hid in the Lord Jesus Christ. Colossians 2:___