Psalm 136

Psalm 136  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
The answer to the summons
Psalm 136 may be considered as the answer to this summons. It is characterized by the formulary, as often noticed, the expression of Jehovah’s unchanging goodness to Israel in spite of all: “His mercy endureth forever.” It celebrates Him as Creator, God of gods, the Deliverer of Israel, who had led them through the wilderness, as Him who by power slaying mighty kings had given them the inheritance of the land; and who, finally, remembering them in their low estate, had redeemed them from it, and now supplied every living thing with food, the God of heaven. This, in a certain sense, closes the historical psalms.
Sorrows, Jehovah’s ways, millennial praises
We have then a kind of supplementary series: first, of their characteristic sorrows and Jehovah’s ways in the latter days, and then of millennial praises. These sorrows are from Psalms 137-144-the latter, however, being the expectation of deliverance and blessing. Psalm 139 also has a peculiar character, as will be at once seen.