Psalm 46

Psalm 46  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
God of Israel with the spared remnant; the result
The remnant, now that Messiah has appeared in glory, can celebrate what God is in favor of His people, and with the special knowledge acquired through what He has been for them in trouble. There may be yet an assault: indeed according to prophecy I believe there will be. But as the whole effect of Messiah’s coming in blessing was celebrated in Psalm 45, so here the great result in divine government. The spared remnant have Jehovah with them as the God of Israel (vs. 7). For here Jehovah is again introduced as a present thing. Here it is specially (and suitably, after what we have been studying, needs not to be said) as refuge and deliverance. Earth, mountains, and waters may tremble, or swell and roar: His people need not fear. God is with them. Nor is this all. He has His city on the earth, where He who is the Most High dwells, and has His tabernacles gladdened by that river which is everywhere in these descriptions the sign of blessing; as in the heavenly Jerusalem, and in the earthly in Ezekiel-nay, in paradise, and in figures, in the believer, and in the assembly, who calls to the water of life him who thirsts. But even then the river is there. God is there-the sure and best of answers to the taunting demand, “Where is thy God?” She shall not be moved, but helped right early.
Verse 6 gives in magnificent abruptness the great result. All is decided. Then they say, “Jehovah Sabaoth is with us.” The God of the whole people is the refuge of this feeble remnant (vss. 8-9), they summon the earth to see what the works of Jehovah are, what is come of the impotent rage and violence of men; for He will be exalted among the heathen and exalted in the earth. The place of faith is to be still and wait on Him and know that He is God, as the remnant of Jacob will with joy-that Jehovah of hosts, the God of Jacob, is with them.