Reason Gone Mad!

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IN France, on September 30th, 1863, infidelity had a golden chance to show how superior it was to Christianity. Under the banner of reason men had acted as if reason had gone mad. Traditional beliefs had been given up, men had become more like wild beasts than reasonable creatures, and the upheaval has been most justly described as "The Reign of Terror." What an opportunity when infidelity had got all into its power to show how much better it was than Christianity! How completely it failed for, indeed, there can be no more damning accusation against infidelity than to soberly read the historian's account of what was done at that time.
Let us take a peep inside the historic cathedral of Notre Dame on the day in question. Alsace, goddess of reason, sits enthroned on the altar. They dress her in white robes, cover her shoulders with a blue mantle, place the red cap on her head and a pike in her hand. Oh, the pity of the show! for hollow, vulgar show it was at the best. Look at her handsome but brazen face as the woman carries out the awful program of the hour by mocking at Christ. Hear the shouts as she is hailed as the new deity, who is to redeem France. Poor France!
Look at the people's self-chosen savior, who mocked in the hour of her fleeting triumph the true Savior, whose love, expressed on the cross, has won the homage of countless multitudes. Seventy years after this hideous show in Notre Dame see France's new deity. She is old now, very old, indeed dying. Poor, miserable, blind, idiotic, toothless, the goddess of reason passed into the presence of her outraged Creator.
Was there ever a more clear exposure of the madness of mere reason in the things of God? When reason got the upper hand of a nation she wrote heavily on the page of history in letters of blood her own utter condemnation.
Let September 30th, 1863, teach us a good, wholesome lesson.
Let us look at another scene. A girl lay dying. Her father was an infidel, her mother a Christian. He had often ridiculed his wife's faith to the children. Now a great sorrow is plowing through the man's heart—his child is dying.
Presently a weak voice, soon to be hushed in death, is heard: "Father, shall I believe you or mother now I am dying?”
“You had better believe your mother," came the answer softly and distinctly. Aye, and infidel, you had better embrace the faith of your meek, Christian wife.
We plead with you, reader. Give the verdict to Christianity Believe the gospel. Receive Christ.
“Behold, NOW is the accepted time behold, NOW is the day of salvation.”