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Genesis shows the entrance of sin with intimation of redemption. Exodus expands the view of redemption. Till we are introduced to God as Redeemer, we never know Him. To know Him merely in creation, is now but idolatry. True, we find traces of the Garden everywhere but to look at creation now as worthy of God— how mistaken! There is a disturbing fire at work, of which God is not the source.
Faith, is answer to God’s redemption, as light to His creation. What is grace? God making provision for our condition as sinners. Eden was God’s provision for our innocence. He cannot give us back the garden but faith entertains His new, His unspeakably precious gift.
Adam walked up and down Eden in freedom; it was his obedience to enjoy. And so with us. Adam had no more title to the garden, than I have to Christ. The Israelites pleaded the blood outside, and went within to feast, not going outside every moment to see the blood. This is as perfect as Adam’s; because God provides for both conditions—They ate as departing—Are we to love our life? Where is He who through love put the blood on the door? Shall I abide where He passed through as quickly as possible. There is a sight of the grandest possible magnitude in the creation of God—a people morally incapacitated to enjoy Him in a ruined world. God is faithful and just to forgive, because He owes to the blood remission, and the blessed God delights to pay His own debts. Then Egypt gets rid of the redeemed people. There is a discord between the two the place of danger and difficulty is left behind. Have we in spirit left behind the fleshpots and task-masters? Extrication may be of different measures; God has respect to our feebleness, but measure not the calling by our answer to it! What shall we say when our neighbors say, why do ye such things? “I was a poor bond slave in Egypt, and the Lord delivered Me!” The heart instinctively knows what it is to have a character formed by the kindnesses of a neighbor. God has done us a kindness—let our ways answer to it. Far happier to learn the key to duty from the kindness of God, than from Mount Sinai; so in every duty shows us it is Christ that forms the character.
Outside Egypt “the cloud.” I am in a house on fire—the moment I get outside, there is a friend waiting to conduct me: And the cloud can transform itself. Exquisite picture of rising fullness to meet rising necessity. All in the New Testament treats on what treasures there are. in Jesus! He is not out done by the cloud. Are we not ashamed to trick our bodies out while passing by such visions of delight and glory?