Rejoice With Air

DOES the Lord Jesus Christ, the Seeker of the lost, thus speak to His friends: "Rejoice with Me, for I have found the sheep I had lost"? Ah fellow-worker for souls, indeed He does. And we can say, we have heard His voice, and seen, by faith, His joy, as He bears home upon His shoulders the sheep He has found.
Behold the wondrous sight; see the Shepherd bearing upon His shoulders His sheep which He had lost. It is Jesus, who was pierced and wounded for our sins. It is Jesus, who died and who lives for the sheep He had lost. Behold Him., Gaze upon Him. His joy is exceeding great. He has sought and He has found. He has saved the sheep which He had lost. Mark you His joy! The poor senseless sheep knows but little of the Shepherd's joy. The saved soul may know it is saved, and rejoice in being delivered from hell. But the Saviour rejoices in the soul He has saved. That soul shall be His prize for all ages. Yes, when this world is burned up, when its arts and palaces, its battle ships and hospitals are but of memory, that one sheep shall be to the praise of the glory of God, and to the honor of Jesus the Lord.
“Rejoice with Me!" Does He call His friends to His joy in vain? The angels behold His joy in heaven, and shall His friends on earth refuse, in the folly of their hardness of heart, to partake in His joy? To fail in this sympathy with Christ is to fail in one of the sweetest joys of Christians. What love, what grace, then, is in our Lord Jesus! How can we thank Him enough that He calls together His friends and neighbors, saying, "Rejoice with Me!”