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Especially when connected with character and honor, is rigid and repulsive, because it is afraid of itself and for itself. Grace which dwells his perfect righteousness, being above the thought of self, because it is divine in its nature, and being secure in perfect righteousness within, is gracious in tone without. Grace can think for others. Such was Christ. He, perfect in all His ways and love, had never to think, and did not think what the effect for Himself would be of His intercourse with sinners. He thought entirely of and for others. This is the effect of intrinsic holiness and grace. He was holy enough to have no thought of aught else, and thus be the companion of sinners for their sakes to deliver them, regardless of self. Now the Christian ought to be able, through grace, to do this: only he has to be on his guard for himself. There is this difference, that the Church has to be jealous and watchful for the glory of Christ and the holiness of the walk of its members. Still, I am persuaded that were we nearer the Lord, more thoroughly identified ourselves in spirit and walk with Him, in the security of His grace, there would be more capacity to seize the good grace had wrought in Others, and be above the evil, dealing with it to heal it in grace. For this, no doubt, straight paths must be made for the feet. May the Lord guide the feet of His saints in all things!