Safe, Then Happy

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"O, sir, I think I understand the Gospel now, and believe it, yet I am not as happy as I expected."
"Why, friend, remember, it is not written, `He that believeth, and is happy, shall be saved,' but, 'Whosoever believeth shall be saved,' whether happy or not. The great thing is to be saved; and when we know that we are safe in Jesus, we are sure to be happy.
Suppose, now, that you were in debt, and in fear about it, not being able to pay it, and suppose I should say, I am sorry to see you in this state, let us try to cheer you up by singing some cheerful hymn. Would you not reply,
"That will not do; you might make me happy for a little, but that would not pay my debt."
What is wanted is to know that the debt is paid, when that is done, you are safe, and are sure to be happy.
Has not Jesus paid the debt; answered for you sins; met all claims against you? Is not God glorified by the work of Christ?
And what has glorified Him, ought to satisfy you.
"O, trust in Christ; reckon yourself free from guilt and wrath, through what He did and suffered."
"Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God." 1 Peter 3:18.