Salvation for the Needy

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An American Indian and a white man were brought under conviction of sin by the same Gospel sermon.
Shortly afterward, the Indian was led to rejoice in God's pardoning mercy. The white man, on the other hand, was under great distress of mind for weeks, and at times was ready to despair. But at last he also was brought to a happy knowledge of forgiving love.
Some time later, meeting his red-skinned brother, he asked: "How was it that I should be so long under conviction, when you found peace so soon?"
"O, brother," replied the Indian, "me tell you. There come along a rich Prince. He proposes to give you a new coat. You look at your coat and say: 'I don't know; my coat pretty good. I think it will do a little longer.'
"He then offer me a new coat. I look at my old blanket; and I say: `This is good for nothing: I fling it right away, and accept the beautiful garment. Just so, brother, you try to keep your own righteousness for some time; you loath to give it up. But I, poor Indian, had no righteousness; therefore, I glad at once to receive the righteousness of God, the Lord Jesus Christ."
"Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us."