Satan's Clock

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Maybe Satan can't "tell time":—his clock is always wrong, either too fast or too slow. He tells the deluded, despondent soul that it is too late, that he has sinned away his day of grace, or that he is too great a sinner. His clock is too fast.
Then he tells the anxious procrastinator: "Sure, get saved, but not just yet. It is too soon; enjoy life first. Have a good time, for you're young only once. Get settled in business before settling with God. Everything in its own order; a little later will do!" His clock is too slow.
An American missionary, Dr. Eddy, had been holding special evangelistic meetings in China. At one of the closing services three eminent statesmen, Sun Yat Sen, Wu Ting Fang, and Admiral Chen were present. The audience was obviously deeply moved by the gospel appeal. Admiral Chen himself was affected as to ask for a decision card. As he took a pencil from his pocket intending to sign it, his colleague, Wu Ting Fang, whispered in his ear: "Think it over! Why not wait till tomorrow?"
Dr. Eddy perceived that nothing further should be done at that time, and asked the admiral when he could see him to talk things over. "Oh," said Admiral Chen, "call and see me at eleven in the morning."
But as he was leaving the building, an assassin shot him and he was fatally wounded. On the tomorrow, at the hour when he had purposed making his decision, Admiral Chen's soul passed into eternity.
Friend, how often you have heard: God's time is NOW. Make this the moment of your acceptance, and NOW receive His great salvation.