Scholarly Work

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Regarding the production of the Englishman's Greek Concordance (1839; sec. ed. in 1844) and the Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance (1843), N. Noel remarked:
The plan of these Concordances was determined on, after conference with the Rev. William DeBurgh, who became the chief constructor of this invaluable work, finding the workers for the same; whilst Mr. Wigram, who was a wealthy man, provided the money for the same.
The extraordinary completeness and perfection of detail, was the result of TEN years spent in its revision by the ripest scholars in the United Kingdom; the principal Editor of the Hebrew being Dr. Bialloblotzky; a Polish rabbi of great learning; and the principal Editor of the Greek, was Dr. Tregelles.
Ten thousand pounds were spent in carrying out plans, which, for some defect, were afterward abandoned; and upwards of FIFTY thousand pounds (approximately $250,000 {in 1840 dollars]} had been freely bestowed by Mr. Wigram in biblical research, before he found himself in possession of the finished result.
Mr. Wigram, in a truly humble way, simply referred to this amount expended on this work as only passing through his hand; so truly did he regard himself as God's Steward in the matter.
The British National Dictionary of Biography says:
In 1867, with W. Chaulk, he edited 'The Hebraist's Vale Mecum,' the first attempt at a complete verbal index to the contents of the Hebrew and Chaldee Scriptures.