Scripture Queries and Answers: Then I Restored … ; He that Hath Suffered in the Flesh

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A.-As this query has already been put and answered in Vol. 20 (December, 1894), of this magazine, we give again what there appeared— “Our Lord pleads that He was not guilty of the wrong, but yet it was His to make good the right. His causeless enemies were innumerable; they were as strong as they were false, and where He was unrighteously charged, He walked in grace, seeking at all cost nothing but Jehovah's glory.”
A.-To the believer—who, refusing to yield to the solicitations of sin, suffers thereby instead of gratifying the flesh. As Christ once suffered for sins not His own—Himself the ever sinless One—but ours, so are we called to let this suffice, as well as “the time past of our life,” and if now we suffer from without it should be not for sins but for righteousness (3:14), or as a Christian (4:14-16). Arming ourselves “with the same mind” we refuse the evil at whatever cost, that we may live to the will of God.