Scripture Query and Answer: Day-Star?

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A. There is only a shade of meaning different in ὀ ἀστὴρ ὁ πρῳϊνὸς and φωσφόρος, one referring to the early appearance, the other to its introducing dawn or light. Peter is speaking of prophecy as a light, a candle shining in a dark place—God's light in the darkness of this world; with that he contrasts Christ's heavenly coming the hope of the saints as bringing in the light of a new day. ‘Ο ἀστὴρ ὁ πρῳϊνὸς is merely what it is—its appellative, Christ Himself, still not in the kingdom (that precedes in chapter 2:28, and is found rather in “the Root and Offspring of David” in chapter 22.)
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