Service of Evangelizing; Young Brethren Growing Up Into Service

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We have just had, I believe, a most useful conference at St. Agreve of the laborers of these parts; many brethren of the neighborhood came, though it was a busy time towards the close of the harvest. I think I got decided blessing myself. We read Col. 1 and 2 Tim. 1 Cor. 1 John, four books of the Psalms, besides various questions and particular passages. It was serious, and the Lord's presence felt—very quiet.
I shall (D.V.) be this week either at Geneva or Lausanne, or both. Indeed, I have delayed longer than I thought. Many places I have not been able to visit, but I have been at several new ones—more or less time. The work of evangelization extends, but the line from Nismes to Vigan wants visiting... But the extension makes the want of laborers felt, though through mercy there are one or two raised up, and some I doubt not hidden, through want of devotedness in us all.
I have still my visit in Germany before me, at least for my new edition of the N.T., of which only 200 copies remain. Kind remembrance to your household.
Affectionately yours in the Lord.
September 2nd, 1860.