Shittim Wood, Shittah Tree

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This is generally understood to be the Acacia, which is adopted in the RV. There are several varieties which grow in Egypt and Palestine, the Acacia seyal being the most common. They differ from the acacias known in England, which are from North America. The wood was extensively used in building the tabernacle, and the ark, the table of shewbread, and the altars were also made of the same (Ex. 25-38); Deut. 10:3). It is called the SHITTAH TREE (after the Hebrew, which is shittah in the singular) in Isaiah 41:19. The “burning bush” (Hebrews seneh), has been considered to be the wild acacia, A. nilotica. Livingstone judged that for the tabernacle the A. giraffa (Camel-thorn) was used, which he calls an “imperishable” wood.