Short Swords

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
IT is said, that with the lengthening of the swords of their soldiers, the military power of Rome diminished. Of course, sword s are lengthened for a reason. Short swords mean hand to hand fighting. You must get close to your adversary to strike him with a short sword; and an enemy armed with a longer weapon than your own will hold you at bay, unless your heart be as brave, as your weapon is short.
Preachers of the gospel, visitors of the sick, and whoever is engaged in active Christian warfare—in getting at souls use short swords. Come to close quarters with immortal souls. Wounding, not fencing, is needed. The grand idea should be to strike the heart of the poor enemy to God. Even infidelity, with its long weapons and defensive armor, quails and fails before the short sword in the hand of a man whose courage and love are God-given.
Alas! nowadays very little is known of warring for God with short swords. Generilisms, ifs, hope sos, roundabout remarks as to heaven and hell, suggestions that the unconverted may perhaps at length find themselves mistaken, apologetic language to the effect that after all the Bible may be true, are amongst the fashionable pieces of artillery of the day, with which, however, souls are not wounded and brought on their knees crying "Mercy.”