Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

Baring of, signified servitude
(Gen. 49:15); withdrawing of, denoted rebellion (Neh. 9:29); bearing upon, meant to sustain (Isa. 9:6; 22:22).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

Often alluded to in scripture as the place of strength, on which burdens are borne. The high priest had the names of the twelve tribes on his shoulders, as in a place of safety (Ex. 28:12). Of Christ it is said, when He comes to reign, the “government shall be on his shoulder” (Isa. 9:6); and, as the Good Shepherd, when He finds a lost sheep He places it on His shoulders (Luke 15:5). When God blesses Israel in their land the Gentiles will bring Israel’s dispersed daughters upon their shoulders, that is, will give them substantial aid (Isa. 49:22).